Bonjour! Welcome back to this month’s Wrestling Betting Podcast. With change in the air more so than a weird British referendum on EU Membership, this month we talk about WWE’s suspension of Roman Reigns, new champions, returns, and the draft! We also pretend we know what we talk about when it comes to UFC, and – oh yeah – there’s a pay per view happening with Battleground just a few weeks away. We make our betting tips known for a few of these things.

As mentioned, there’s a draft coming soon, I’ll probably try and get a blog post up for that as well, but here’s this month’s podcast.

Thanks to Stephen Norman for the pointers on the UFC Bets. You can follow him on Twitter @NormanS17.

Give it a listen, and let me know what you think of the podcast!

WWE Draft Betting Tips

Early WWE Battleground Betting Tips

UFC 200 Betting Tips

These are silly bets really.

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