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WWE Payback 2017 – Betting Tips

So with Payback 2017 this weekend you’d expect the post-Wrestlemania drop off of betting firms taking bets. It’s happened a bit, but I expected much worse. Sure there isn’t the abundance of bets and a lot of firms aren’t taking accumulators, but there’s still bets to be placed. I’ve scoured the markets, and here are

WWE Payback 2017 – Predictions

So here we are, moments after Wrestlemania and its time to settle some scores among the WWE locker room. Some of these scores have been “settled” many times now… but still – we go again! After the movement of some starts from RAW to Smackdown there are new feuds brewing and new storylines emerging –

WWE Royal Rumble 2017 – Betting Tips

Happy Royal Rumble weekend! Yes my favourite Pay Per View of the year is finally here. I bloody love the Royal Rumble, and this year, incredibly, it has seen a lot more hype due to the fact it’s unpredictable. Yeah admittedly it’s great for WWE fans, but for those trying to predict matches it’s hard.

No Mercy 2016 – Predictions

Another fortnight, another Pay-Per-View (yes I’m going for Pay Per View) even if that isn’t the case anymore. No Mercy is Smackdown’s second brand split PPV, and it has easily been the better show since the split. No Mercy has an intriguing, if unspectacular card. There are also some interesting stipulations that could make predictions

WWE Battleground 2014 – Betting Tips

Better late than never eh? I was hoping to get this written before the weekend (when I was on a much deserved short break), but unfortunately the bookmakers didn’t get their bets on before the weekend. As such we’re left this late, so sorry about this. Only two bookmakers have bets on – the usual

WWE Payback 2014 – Betting Tips

So it’s Pay Per View time again and it’s WWE Payback this Sunday! Unfortunately, the markets are a bit weak, with only Paddy Power and William Hill offering bets this time around. Thankfully though, both bookmakers are offering accumulators, so none of this “If you can put an accumulator on….“ nonsense. You can – as

Win Royal Rumble 2013 On DVD/Blu-Ray

Happy New Year Everybody! To coincide with the launch with the new Wrestling Betting website, we’re having a competition, where you can win a copy of the 2013 Royal Rumble on DVD or Bluray! Who can forget the last year’s Royal Rumble, as it was the first time in over ten years that The Rock

The New Look Wrestling Betting

Welcome to the new look Wrestling Betting! Over the last part of 2013, I have been busy beavering away on the new look site. It has been a resounding success both site wise and numbers and I’m proud of the community I’m building around this site, so I’m keen to help grow this site in

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